Seasonal Bedding

I like Autumn.

I’m not obsessed with pumpkin spice, and I hate being cold, but there is something I love about morning walks when the sun is rising, the air is fresh and the ground is full of crunchy leaves. Yes, I do still jump in piles of them.

I’ve never had seasonal bedding before, but with my room being so sickly spring pastel pink (in a nice way ofc) it was something I thought about this year. Especially as I am really into reading at the moment and I love being curled up in bed with the cats, reading and dozing.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed though, that nice bedding is not cheap and I am permanently cruising the fine line between value bread and not affording oxygen. Don’t feel sorry for me, I also have a habit of spending £200 on clothing in one go despite knowing I have no money. So it’s all my fault.

Anyway, the point of that paragraph is because I thought my seasonal bedding days would have to be pushed back to ’17 but Debenham’s got in touch seeing if I wanted to pimp my room for AW. That, my friends, is karma for being generally nice on many occasions.

bedding / mustard cushion / orange cushion / (similar-ish) throw

I decided to go for an autumn theme, because I feel winter focuses predominantly on Christmas and I’m not really into reindeer or the colour red. Plus, I have a load of copper accents in my room anyway which compliments the burnt orange autumnal colours anyway. It definitely looks much cosier and cold weather ready, IMO. If I had the money, I would buy a four bedroom house and decorate each one for each season – “ah yes, you love Christmas, please stay in the winter bedroom” kinda thing. #dreams

The saddest part of my room change was putting my baby pink pineapple lamp into hiding, although getting to replace it with this copper one I’ve had stashed since Clive took me to IKEA was long overdue! I also tucked away my brand new Molton Brown candle in rhubarb and rose because it matches my pink theme more. So in fact I have just spent £36 I probably don’t have on a candle that I won’t be using until spring – I am equally baffled, don’t worry. But, I’ve got a cinnamon flavoured candle out now which is really delicious and perfect for when (if???) it gets colder.

I’ve had actual texts over the bedding asking where it was from, which was nice; I was worried it might be a little busy but actually love the finished look. The throw was from TK Maxx, and I think would make an excellent albeit large scarf too.

Looking to add a touch of autumn to your own room? Here are some autumn inspired items I’ve found and liked!

pompom throw / elephant cushion / leaf print / fox cushion / gold leaf coaster / painted mason jars / lamp / leaf bunting

You can see the full range of Debenhams bedding here.

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