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Post in collaboration with House of Fraser*

You know how people are either always hot, or always cold? I’m the latter; so while I actually love some of autumn (the pretty bits, the jumpers, the weekend sleeping) I hate how cold it gets. My first winter in Leeds, I would wear tights AND leggings underneath my jeans and still be cold. I’ve toughened up a bit since then, though.

Now I’m either a trainer or boots gal; trainers in the ~warmer~ seasons, boots in the colder seasons. I lost my favourite pair of boots on a night out (long story, totally inappropriate for public reading) and I’ve been scouting around for similar ones for the last few months to no avail. Now it’s FINALLY boot season, I’ve got mills to choose from. So, naturally, as bloggers do, here is a wishlist.

Topshop, £75 / Lotus on House of Fraser, £30 / River Island, £38 / Lipsy on Next, £59 / Misguided, £40 / Kickers on Schuh, £80 / ASOS, £35 / New Look on ASOS, £38 / M&S, £35 / Betsy Chunky on House of Fraser, £51 / Dr Marten’s on TK Maxx, £40(!!)

Erm, first of all, Dr Marten’s for £40?? Outrageous. I wish I had £40 to buy them right now. £40 in general would be good tbh, I am v. skint this month (she says, every month).

I’m definitely going to get the top right ASOS boots when payday finally comes; they are that perfect mix of smart cas which means you can wear them from morning til, well, morning and not look out of place.

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